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    Is your business suffering?

    It’s certainly an arduous task to find the right IT company that not only shares your values but also delivers the product and service that they promise. Ask yourself these questions to see if we can help.

    • Do you have an urgent computer issue right now?
    • Dealing with an annoying computer glitch (big or small)?
    • Is your current IT service provider hard to get a hold of?
    • Are slow systems keeping you from getting the job done?
    • Looking to upgrade your IT systems but don’t know where to start?
    • Need advice on finding the best technology solutions that fit within your budget?
    • Tired of being delivered excuses and not solutions?
    • Want to bring some new energy into your businesses strategic direction?
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    Welcome to the RHDS way!

    Located in Cairns and servicing the region of Far North QLD, RHDS is an IT company with a difference. Not only do we provide a balanced combination of big city services with small town customer service, with RHDS you’re not just a customer, you are a PARTNER.

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  • With over 25 years experience in the technology industry, RHDS caters for businesses that range in size from 3 to 300 staff, providing total IT infrastructure support services for both local and regional businesses including:

    • On site and off site help desk and field services
    • Preventative maintenance on systems and networks
    • Diverse industry experience including finance, government, aviation, sports management, tourism and more!
    • Infrastructure roll-outs and upgrades
    • Project Management solutions and consultancy
    • Cost effective telecommunications solutions
    • Support and sales of applications and hardware across a broad range of vendors
    • Contracting services across QLD and Australia

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

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    Our Services

    Providing a wide range of services, RHDS can cater an IT solution for any business. As your one stop shop for everything technology, RHDS services are designed to simplify your processes, save your business money and decrease departmental inefficiencies.

    • ServersServer Management & Virtualisation

    • NetworkNetwork Management

    • DeviceDevice Management

    • VOIPVOIP & Telephony

    • Security & Anti VirusSecurity & Anti Virus 

    • MaintenanceMaintenance & Licensing

    • CloudCloud Services

    • ProjectProject Management

    • ProgrammingProgramming

    • WebWeb Design & Development

    • AssetAsset Management

    • DisasterDisaster Recovery & Business Continuity

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    The right staff for the right service

    RHDS is Australian based, yet we are not limited to local talent. We have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights finding the best talent around the world, sourcing the best staff that fit our stringent culture and skill set requirements.

    Covering both technology and creative fields, RHDS can provide you with a vast range of professionals that are both highly experienced and reliable. Save money, save time and get access to big city specialists right here in Far North QLD without the big city pricing.

    • Help Desk

    • Level 1 / Tier 1 Support

      Our help desk staff and field services technicians have been hand picked for both their broad range of experience and customer service delivery to ensure your technical issues get sorted promptly.

    • System Admins

    • Level 2 / Tier 2 Support

      Your servers and network are the back bone of your company. Our system and network engineers are highly skilled professionals, with a strong focus on business continuity and solving complex technical issues.

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    • Project Managers

      With a broad range of experience across multiple industries, we can help to get that project off the ground and under way.

    • Graphic Designers

    • Developers & Designers

      Need programming or code? We have access to a very talented group of programmers, web developers and graphic designers.

Collaborative business arrangements are revolutionising how winning companies compete. They are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change – Curtis E. Sahakian

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    The way we think

    Changing the game takes much more than hard work. It takes a partner with a vision.

    It’s easy to find an IT provider, it’s much more difficult to find a lateral thinking one! Complex issues require more than just technical know how, they often require unorthodox methods to get the job done.

    At RHDS, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the right solution for our business partners. We don’t think outside of the box. We live outside of it every day and for us, pushing the limits is what it’s all about!

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    Friendly customer service

    Customer Service is almost a dirty word nowadays. It seems to be mentioned everywhere yet very few businesses actually integrate it into their core values.

    RHDS prides itself on providing the best customer service possible. We schedule regular visitations to your business just to say hi and catch up. That’s the standard with RHDS.

    A strong focus on delivering the best customer service and building rock solid relationships in Far North QLD is one of our primary values.

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    Get the ball rolling

    Want more information? Send us your enquiry via our contact form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

    Looking to set a date for a consultation? RHDS will happily provide a free 1 hour consultation* to help you get your business back on track.

    * New customers only