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    Learn about RHDS’s core values

  • The good. The bad. The ugly

    Having been on the receiving end of bad customer support, our vision has been to up-scale the standard of customer service in the IT industry. We know what we like when it comes to customer service – that feeling of being valued as a customer – and RHDS aims to provide outstanding value.

    Founded by enterprise level IT professionals and born in Cairns, RHDS was created to provide businesses with outstanding support, coupled with a new standard of customer service.

    The objective of RHDS is simple. Provide enterprise level IT support for regional business in Queensland with small town customer service values.

    For the staff here at RHDS, if we can’t exceed expectations for our clients and provide the quality of services that businesses deserve, we had may as well close up shop now! For us… this is everything that makes RHDS unique.

Forget dealing with an IT company who takes ages to get back to you

When you call RHDS with an emergency, expect an immediate response. We know time is money and you want it done yesterday.

Have you ever dealt with a half an hour email conversation about a simple five minute job over price? It just doesn’t make sense, does it? We offer flat rate and jump the queue priority pricing.

We believe that communication is the key

If you’ve ever had the experience of a computer guru explaining in techno mumbo jumbo? And then they leave never following up!

We’ve experienced that too!  Sometimes we like it, sometimes we’re just happy that the problem was sorted.

RHDS provides clear communication about fixing the problem at hand, and, of course, if you want the technical details, we’re happy to oblige. We follow up with you to find out how it’s all going.

On-premises visits

Not only do we provide cost-effective remote support, we also drop into your premises just to say hi and to see how your IT experience is going?

Even if you opt in for our low cost remote support, we will still visit your premises on a routine basis. It’s our way of delivering the best face-to-face customer support.

We have also found most staff don’t have the time to log a job. So instead, we will come to you and fix any minor issues on the fly.

In the community

We are passionate about our local community – our sister site CairnsLifestyle.com is an ever-growing regional marketing platform which promotes our local businesses that provide exceptional value, and/or customer service.

We are also starting to work with indigenous groups and organisations to encourage young indigenous Australians to enhance their IT and customer service skills.